Lella Baldi

at your feet

Vibrant colours and shades, scents and flavours, imagination and touch, memories and images, lead sensibility towards creation. Like a multi-sensory kaleidoscope, all these elements merge into an exquisite overlap and then perfectly slot into an idea.

Lella Baldi
Lella Baldi gives time values:
past and present to live the future.


Lella Baldi

Lella Baldi is the most easy and instant way for a metamorphosis in the name of elegance. Special models through which celebrate every day the female beauty in its versatility. Leather, workmanship, colors and shapes that become a single instrument: the ideal footwear to make real their imagination and their own style.

The female foot is the part of the body, whose magical and mystical exaltation is through the shoes, even more so if done with artisan wisdom.

Lella Baldi between memory and modernity.

Lella Baldi is fashion and trend. A regular feature in magazines and fashion blogs accredited.